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Direct mail connects you with your audience in well-defined ways through their mailboxes. Aurora Fastprint specializes in efficient and creative direct-mail services for reaching your audience with focus, strategy, speed and imagination.

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Direct Mail Still Delivers

Direct mail remains relevant even as digital marketing grows. It can also be just as appealing to millennials (born 1981–1996) as to Gen X (1965–1980) and Baby Boomers (1946–1964). This is because physical mail is seen as more thought-out and personal than many of the digital communications with which millennials have spent more of their lives.

People also still simply enjoy receiving mail in their mailbox. For that same reason, direct mail cannot be deleted or ignored in the same way as emails or digital ads. Where an email’s average lifespan is a few seconds, direct mail’s is 17 days.

One study by the U.S. Postal Service revealed that as it concerns the brain’s responses, print outperformed digital in:

  • the time spent with the content
  • the emotional reaction to the content
  • the quickness and confidence in remembering the content
  • the subconscious response to the desirability of the product or service
  • the subconscious value placed on the product or service

The same study concluded that the best marketing campaigns use both print and digital channels that complement and link to one another, such as a postcard that includes a QR code.

According to a USPS Future of Direct Mail study, when print and digital marketing are combined consistently and well, they can result in:

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More about Direct Mail

Direct Mail
We design, print and mail your communications so you can get the word out to the right people. For example, you can have us design a postcard for the optimal mailing list that you choose. We’ll then print, address and send the postcards for you. You state the objective and we take care of the rest!

Custom postcards are an efficient, versatile way to land your messages and inspire response rates to them. Use them for initiatives such as sending special offers, adding a thank you note in a package or including a coupon for a product or service promotion. We can design, print, address and mail your postcards!

Every Door Direct Mail® (EDDM®)
EDDM services promote your business in your community with the potential of reaching every home on a carrier’s route. If you’re having a sale, opening a new location, offering coupons or making an announcement, EDDM can precisely deliver your direct mail such as postcards, menus and flyers. With the EDDM online tool, we can map ZIP codes and neighborhoods for your mailing, as well as filter by age, income or household size.

Letters with Mailing Envelopes
If we’re honest, not many of us are excited to hand-write addresses – including the return address – on a big stack of envelopes. That’s why we have them custom-printed! Whether for business correspondence, a birthday invitation or a wedding announcement, Aurora Fastprint can print your envelopes according to your chosen size and style. Simply place your order and email us your address list. Then simply watch for your fresh box of addressed envelopes to arrive!

Mailing Lists
A great strength of direct mail is being able to identify and target those most likely to be interested in your product or service. Aurora Fastprint’s mailing and email list solutions let you develop campaigns aimed at the results you desire. Mail from a list you’ve developed, create one with our mapping technology or have one of our team members help you build the ultimate list.

You print professionally because you want to connect with your audience in the most engaging ways. Newsletters printed by Aurora Fastprint allow you to customize the size, shape, stock color, weight, binding and ink of your publication.

Variable Data Printing
The days of one-message-fits-all and spray-and-pray direct mail are past. Customize each mailing piece in a single run based on separate data factors you specify from your list, such as names, messages, addresses, graphics and special offers. One postcard can differ from the next according to the data you enter and target.

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